Many businesses wonder whether they should hire accounting services or not. Because most businesses want to save costs and human resources, but still ensure work quality. Accounting to find out the reasons why you should hire accounting services and not let employees do it themselves.



Optimized costs, reducing losses if accountants make mistakes

There are many conflicting opinions about whether or not you should hire accounting services Each viewpoint offers different assessments and opinions. However, according to Minh Minh Accounting, hiring accounting services is necessary. Especially for small businesses or those that do not have their own accounting department.

It’s easy to understand, because newly established, small-scale companies also need good, qualified accounting professionals to perform accounting operations and handle complex issues in declaration and reporting. finance,…

Furthermore, businesses need advice on new regulations and decrees on taxes and accounting. The accounting position requires meticulousness, a relatively large amount of work and the accountant’s lack of experience, making it difficult to avoid errors. The consequences will be borne by the company, and the cost will even be much more expensive than the cost of hiring external accounting services.

Not to mention, in some companies, an accountant also takes on many positions, leading to overlap, not ensuring work efficiency. Frequent changes in personnel, or failure to promptly grasp new regulations, can more seriously result in businesses being fined and affecting business operations.

So should you hire accounting services , definitely yes. Businesses also cut costs of recruitment and training, managing the accounting apparatus, purchasing accounting software, and office equipment to serve their work.

The next reason to hire accounting services is that businesses can promptly update data. Information is processed promptly and accurately to ensure the most benefit to the business.

Accounting books are kept neatly and easy to track, because they are made on specialized software. With a unified way of recording books, management will be easier.

Bookkeeping data is also processed quickly and the service also provides accurate monthly, quarterly, annual reports or whenever required.

With full accounting services at Minh Minh Accounting, customers are always accompanied 24/7.

Any company puts data security requirements first. It is a vital factor, affecting the sustainable development of businesses. Have you ever tried to imagine that one of your accountants, after quitting their job at the company, switched to work at a rival company? What would be the consequences? 

While our accounting service company has a contract with employees. After leaving the company, you will not be allowed to work in the accounting industry for 3 years. This agreement will help customers feel truly secure, in strict confidentiality. Therefore, to the question of whether you should hire an accounting service , the answer is yes, because of the confidentiality of data.

Accounting services will support businesses in accounting operations such as tax reporting, financial reporting, tax settlement… This type of service is licensed by state agencies, thereby ensuring safety, trust.

Minh Minh’s accounting services are provided by a team of qualified and highly efficient professionals. Businesses also receive timely advice on new changes in regulations and circulars of tax law.

Minh Minh Accounting Services is committed to protecting information and business operations of the enterprise. Customers do not need to waste time urging staff, or worrying about finding a replacement to disrupt work. Minh Minh Accounting will take over work whenever the business needs it when customers use the service.

During operations, most companies have many input and output costs. With many years of experience in the industry, accounting services will advise on how to use invoices to rationalize, comply with the law, and maximize business benefits.

The basic tasks of accounting services are as follows:

– Tax registration: Prepare declaration, pay license tax, prepare initial tax declaration documents.

– Daily accounting work: Gather invoices, arising documents, track and account.

– Monthly accounting work: Field survey, checking documents, preparing VAT and personal income tax reports and paying money to tax authorities.

– Quarterly tax accounting work: Making quarterly monthly tax reports, invoice usage reports, VAT, personal income, and corporate income tax reports.

– Tax accounting work by year: Prepare financial reports, tax reports, personal income tax finalization reports…

In addition, should you hire external accounting services because businesses will receive:

– Accounting and bookkeeping using professional accounting software.

– Prepare accounting books, guide customers to store accounting records.

– Work with tax authorities.

– Discuss and advise businesses on related content.

Above is an explanation of whether or not you should hire external accounting services ? If you want to use full accounting services, will be a reference address. For more detailed information, please contact us. 

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