Many people think that for a company or business to achieve development and prestige, it only needs to have a team of enthusiastic employees who are dedicated to their work. However, the legal procedures of a company are very important, including the company establishment license, business license and especially the seal. So what is a seal and why is it so important in every company and business? Let’s find out in the article below.



What is the company seal?

First of all, a seal is understood as a special form of symbol, used to distinguish between one organization and another or one individual from another in a simple, clear and especially accurate way. High. It appeared quite a long time ago and can be understood as an object that represents or represents the power of the king or the most senior positions, which is why the seal is always kept. preserve, respect and protect carefully.

The seal of each company or business is the object that represents those companies and businesses, distinguishes between companies and shows the prestige, value and differences between each company. . Thanks to that, customers can distinguish and choose the most suitable and best company for themselves.

Currently, seals include the following main types:

  • The public seal belongs to the state.
  • The seal of each company or business.
  • The remaining types: personal.

What does the law stipulate about the seal of each company and business:

Starting July 1, 2014, the State officially issued an order that each company and business can proactively and decide on all aspects of their company’s seal, in addition to having full rights to use and manage that seal without interference from any organization or individual. However, it is this newness and huge change that many businesses are unfamiliar with and may make serious mistakes. Below are some basic articles in our country’s new law on regulations for companies and businesses when using them.

Article 44 of the 2014 Enterprise Law stipulates:

“first. Enterprises have the right to decide on the form, quantity and content of their seal. The content of the seal must show the following information:

  1. a) Business name;
  2. b) Business code.
  3. Before use, businesses are obliged to notify the seal sample to the business registration agency for public posting on the National Business Registration Portal.
  4. The management, use and storage of the seal are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the company’s Charter.
  5. Seals are used in cases prescribed by law or the transacting parties have an agreement on the use of seals.
  6. The Government regulates this Article in detail.”

So, according to the provisions of the Enterprise Law on seal samples, the form and number of seals have been clearly stipulated and emphasized that each business has the complete right to decide on its own company seal. such as proactively carving, using, and preserving. However, seals in businesses and companies need to ensure clarity and accuracy in content, size can be circle, triangle, square, polygon… Besides, the heads and leaders Businesses and companies have full authority to decide for each of their seals.

These new regulations have opened up clarity and transparency in management and supervision, giving each company and business more initiative and sensitivity. Before a business can make a seal, it must have Notify the seal sample and related information to the competent authorities to complete the prescribed procedures such as posting information on the National Business Registration Portal.

The role of the seal in each company and business:

A seal is understood as a legal symbol of each company, business or individual involved in production. It is often used in documents and reports to confirm and ensure reliability and accuracy. of those documents. Besides, thanks to the seal, documents or reports are protected and bear legal responsibilities before the law. You can imagine that a simple report without a seal will make many people skeptical about its sturdiness, safety or reliability. As for a report with full seals, it will help readers feel much more secure.

When a document has a seal that is officially stamped and effective, at the same time, the relevant people will ensure and take full legal responsibility for the information recorded on that report or document. Thanks to the seal, new documents are fully implemented and those responsible for implementation must comply.

In addition, seals are also used by some individuals with positions and power to represent their own power, when documents with that seal will also be valuable and forced to be followed by everyone.

When customers look at documents with stamps, they will feel more confident, more secure, and the process of buying, selling, exchanging, and manufacturing will be more secure. In addition, seals are also a tool to distinguish and prevent counterfeiting. pretend.

Seals are legal representatives and play a role in affirming their reputation and status in the marketplace and especially to customers.

Benefits of using stamps

Document authentication

According to the traditional way, if a document is approved, it must have the signature of the highest dignitary, but if there is a seal, everything will be much simpler and faster while still following the process and procedures. under the law.

When there are too many documents that need to be authenticated, the use of stamps will create efficiency and speed for the executor and related parties. Helps business agencies easily manage and monitor documents. or procedure.

Create credibility for the text

Documents with the seal of the business, company or individual producer will be very effective, proving that they are real and accurate documents, so the work will be done simply and effectively. much more effective.

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