What is sales staff?

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What is an employee? When reading job postings, we often see positions with the word ” sales staff ” such as banquet staff, waiters, laundry staff… In short, staff means staff. Let’s join CNTA to learn more about employee terminology as well as employee positions in the Restaurant – Hotel industry through the article below.

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What is video sales staff?

The Hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. With the appearance of a number of world hotel groups, the number of international tourists as well as qualified domestic tourists is increasing, economic conditions are increasingly high, and the working environment of the restaurant and hotel industry is increasing. improved step by step. Anglicize”. The proof is that personnel positions at restaurants and hotels are all named in English. In particular, staff is a commonly used term. So what is staff? Please consult with CNTA.

What is staff?

Staff is understood as employee, for example: The hotel staff means hotel staff. In each restaurant and hotel, it is always divided into many departments, employees of each department undertake different jobs under the management of the Department Supervisor and, above all, the Department Head.


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Banquet staff are the people in charge of organizing and serving parties at restaurants and hotels – Photo: Internet

Bussiness Department:

– Marketing Staff: Develop a market research plan to know the current level of brand recognition of restaurants and hotels as well as customer satisfaction with the services the unit is providing. Providing and implementing promotional programs, advertising campaigns… to increase the unit’s coverage and attract customers. Besides, Marketing Staff is also the person who builds customer care data and develops online systems.

– Sales Staff: Build customer data system, find new customers for restaurants and hotels, maintain relationships with old customers, negotiate and convince customers to use products , service. Sales Staff will also coordinate with Marketing Staff to create promotions, incentives… to attract customers, and coordinate with other departments to improve service quality.

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Those are some common Staff positions in restaurants and hotels. In addition, there are many Staff positions in different departments, creating a continuous working cycle to bring customers the highest satisfaction, creating revenue.

Hopefully this article has helped you better understand what Staff is . If you like and feel you are suitable for any of the above positions, please apply to restaurant and hotel units. From Staff, after a period of working and accumulating a lot of experience and knowledge, you can advance to higher levels such as Department Supervisor, Department Head…

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