What is MMO? Instructions from AZ on the hottest ways to make money online today

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 What is MMO? What forms of MMO are there? What’s special about making money online? Is it possible to make money from this form? Let’s find the answer in the article below!

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1. What is MMO? What is making money online?

MMO stands for Make Money Online, which means make money online. Simply put, it means how you use a computer or phone with an internet connection to perform tasks with the goal of earning money.

This is a good form for many people to earn extra income. However, many people believe that MMO is a form of fraud and is not real. Any form of making money will be risky if you are not alert and have enough knowledge to control what you are doing.

In fact, MMO is an effective form of making money and is one of the money-making trends that many people have noticed in recent years. To make the most of this form of money-making, please grasp the information below before starting to make MMO!

2. Necessary knowledge when participating in MMO

No matter what form you want to make money from, equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge is like equipping yourself with a suit of armor. To step into MMO, the following knowledge is something you need to prepare carefully.

2.1 Online business

Because MMO is a form of making money via the internet, you also need to understand how to buy and sell, payment policies, shipping and other knowledge related to online business.

Which business trends are dominating the market? The hottest business strategies today? Which item is receiving the most attention? Are market fluctuations seriously affecting users’ purchasing patterns?

There are many questions you need to answer when learning about online business. You need to regularly update knowledge and online business trends to maximize the effectiveness of MMO money-making.

2.2 Online advertising

Forms of marketing and online advertising are effective tools to help MMO products and services reach a large number of potential customers. In particular, you need to update new platforms and advertising trends to stay ahead of the times.

If you want to make money online, you definitely need the help of online platforms and tools to help you get the most efficiency. Therefore, you need to pay attention to online advertising platforms.

Currently, popular online advertising platforms that you definitely need to know are: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tiktok, Zalo,…

Each advertising platform will have different advantages and disadvantages, you should Choose the right platform to bring the highest efficiency to your advertising campaigns.

2.3 Bank payment

Knowledge about bank payments is also something that you need to prepare carefully. Information about banking transactions, money transfers, and withdrawals is extremely important and affects your working efficiency.

Because your payment transactions will be made via the internet, not using cash, you definitely need to ensure knowledge about banking payments.

In addition, to avoid future disputes, you should also learn carefully about banks’ policies as well as how to use bank accounts before participating in MMO.

3. Forms of making money from MMO

There are many different forms of MMOs, with each having distinct advantages and disadvantages. You can rely on the reviews of each form to choose for yourself which form is most suitable and likely to develop.

3.1 Types of MMOs you should participate in

After you have mastered the knowledge of what MMO is, let’s see what forms you should participate in!

3.1.1 Website development

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This form of MMO is very popular. You can apply many ways to take advantage of this form.

– Place ads from networks.

Examples of this type are Google Adsense, MGID, Admob,…or people who need to place ads on your website. If your website has a large amount of traffic, this will be a very good opportunity for you to make money from the website you have.

– Sell your own products

Website is an “online store” that you can take advantage of to sell your products right there. Once you have a sales website, you can focus on writing product-related content and directing readers to buy. To sell online, you need to improve the quality of your website and add a few necessary elements to increase the rate of customer interaction and conversion on the website.

– Affiliate Marketing

For marketers, this concept is no longer strange. This is a very hot form of making money online, because you can sell without having to have a product. You will sell another person’s product and receive an attractive commission when closing the order.

You are given a link to advertise the product. You can use the Google and Facebook advertising optimization platforms and tools you have to sell that product to customers.

This is a form of Marketing that has great potential and is more effective than other communication channels. To do Affiliate Marketing effectively, you need to have knowledge about various forms of communication and advertising for the overall product: website, SEO, advertising platforms, email, chatbot,… The more you master the techniques, the better

. Overall knowledge, the more opportunities you have to achieve higher results in the process of doing Affiliate Marketing.

3.1.2 Selling on Facebook

This is a popular form of making money online in the community today. Nursing mothers are very attracted to this form. There are 2 ways to deploy sales on the Facebook platform:

Sell using personal Facebook. You connect with shoppers right on your personal page and through your friendships.

Selling on fanpage. Different from the above form. You will introduce and sell products on separate fanpages, then apply marketing and advertising forms to this fanpage to attract more people to interact.

To make money on Facebook, you definitely need to master the knowledge of advertising on this platform. The latest trends and hottest information should also be updated on your sales page to attract more users.

3.1.3 Make money with T-shirt Business

Reality shows that selling T-shirts is a form of MMO that attracts many participants and can generate huge income in a short time.

Many people think about how much profit they can make by selling t-shirts, but with this form, it is entirely possible for you to make a profit of 200,000 – 500,000 on each shirt.

This form brings many benefits:

No need to worry about product production

No need to worry about shipping methods

No need for customer support

Just need to work on a computer with an internet connection

To access the form You can do this in 2 ways:

Create a store on Shopify

Sell shirts with Merch by Amazon

3.1.4 Make money with Youtube
Search for topics, create channels and attract viewers with interesting and engaging content is something people who make money with YouTube can do. After you have a certain amount of registrations and views, you will be able to turn on ads and make money through your YouTube videos.

Nowadays, there are many people making money in this form. In Vietnam, Hot vlogers have emerged as internet phenomena and make money from viewers’ curiosity and admiration.

The reason why this form is becoming more and more popular is because Youtube’s development policies are getting better and better, creating conditions for YouTubers to have more “performance space”.

3.1.5 Dropshipping

The concept of dropshipping is probably still strange to many people. This form of MMO is simply understood as “selling without shipping”. With this approach, you can still sell without having goods in stock.

When a customer buys, you will transfer the order to the supplier, who will be in charge of delivering the goods to the buyer. You don’t need to worry about logistics issues, you just need to focus on advertising products, tracking orders and taking care of customers during their ordering process.

So who will pay you?

The profit you earn is the price difference between the supplier’s input price and the price you sell to customers. Simply put, you are like a merchant. Import cheap goods and sell them at higher prices to “win” the difference.

3.1.6 Selling on Amazon

One of the ways to be successful is to stand on the shoulders of giants. Amazon is one of the e-commerce giants that you can take advantage of.

Selling on Amazon is currently a popular form of MMO, attracting many participants.

The advantages that make Amazon a gold mine that you should exploit:

The huge amount of traffic collected from business markets around the world.

The conversion rate is high because the majority of people who go to Amazon search when they actually want to make a purchase.

Consumer trust in the Amazon brand is huge, so Amazon’s quality and service are always the choice of consumers.

3.2 Types of MMOs that you should not participate in

Besides understanding the concept of what MMO is as well as the above forms of MMO, there are some forms that you should not participate in to avoid encountering unnecessary problems.

3.2.1 Make money from clicking on ads

Many websites will find people to click on ads and pay a fee for that activity. With reputable places, you will still receive money. But this amount is very low. Or if you want more money, you will have to think about hiring someone to click for you. However, you will have to pay fees to others while not receiving much yourself.

In worse cases, you may encounter fraudulent websites, leading to no money but a lot of time and effort.

3.2.2 Make money by uploading documents

You share documents on networks and receive money when someone downloads the documents. This form is no longer easy today, because copyright issues of documents are a huge obstacle.

3.2.3 Read promotional emails

This form is similar to doing company surveys to receive compensation. Every day, you must register and open emails regularly to read promotional newsletters, follow instructions and receive money.

This form of MMO helps you earn money, but this money is very little, and will also take you a lot of time to do. And the risk of encountering fraudulent companies is also quite high, causing you to fall into a situation of unpaid work.

4. Common mistakes when making MMO

Whether you are just starting out or have many years of experience, you definitely need to know the mistakes you can make when making MMO below.

4.1 To make an MMO, you don’t need qualifications or skills

Many people look to MMOs as a key to salvation during difficult times, and just do it without having to know anything. But MMOs also require certain expertise.

Many people rush into any form of MMO and forget that they have no knowledge or skills. If you think that if you just start doing it and then you will have experience later, then it is definitely a serious mistake.

An easy example is that you want to do Affiliate Marketing because you can make a lot of money. But if you don’t have knowledge about online advertising, website creation, SEO,… then you definitely won’t be able to work effectively with this form.

4.2 Lack of information

Because of the lack of information, just listening to introductions about “high-paying light jobs” and just sitting at home typing catpcha can make many people have an illusion about how much money they will earn.

Surely it’s impossible to get rich from just sitting and typing on a computer like that, right? Many people, especially students, have certainly been enticed by such information and have the illusion that one day they will be rich from the money you earn from this job.

4.3 Lack of perseverance

It can be said that anyone who first enters the MMO world feels excited and ready to plow all day and night. But when the amount of money you earn is not enough, you will definitely feel discouraged, lose enthusiasm and give up.

This is a situation that happens to many people. Trying to make a lot of money, but when I start working, I don’t get the results I want. Surely it will be difficult for you to continue as in the beginning.

Therefore, once you have decided, persevere in pursuing it. Long enough time will help you evaluate whether what you do is right or not.

5. Choose the right direction

With information about MMO, you will surely wonder which direction to choose to develop your online business. Please see the information below to make the best decisions for yourself!

5.1 Website shares codes and vouchers

Along with the development of e-commerce platforms, users are forming the habit of hunting for discount codes and promotional vouchers before buying any product.

To take advantage of this trend, you need to update news on discounts, promotions, vouchers or hot deals that are sought after by many people. Then insert affiliate links and post them on your website. When customers visit the website, click on the link to get the discount code and make a purchase, you will receive money.

In Vietnam today, this form is very competitive. Therefore, to develop this form of MMO, you should focus on a specific target group.

5.2 Review, evaluation

You experience a product or service. Then, describe in detail everything you have experienced in the most honest and fair way.
From advantages to disadvantages to solutions to problems customers encounter. You can absolutely exploit many aspects of an issue to attract customer views.

Similar to the above direction, during the review and evaluation process, you should also focus on a specific target group or product niche.

5.3 Price comparison website

Comparing prices is always a need of customers, regardless of field. You can help them easily compare prices across products by aggregating prices for a product across multiple locations. Then provide users with the best offers based on fair and best reviews for users.

This type has a lot of potential. But it requires specialized knowledge and a team to manage together to bring about the best results


With the information above, you certainly understand “What is MMO?” and MMO’s forms of making money, right? Hope you will make the right decision and choose the right form for yourself.

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