What is Leaflet, Advantages and disadvantages of Leaflet marketing

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 In the era of Digital Marketing, traditional marketing methods are gradually being eliminated because they are considered outdated and no longer effective. However, leaflets or leaflets still bring a lot of value and effectiveness to businesses. When printing is still used, leaflets will be an effective marketing tool. Let’s learn about the concept of leaflet and its advantages and disadvantages in the following article.

What is Leaflet?

Bạn Đang Xem: What is Leaflet, Advantages and disadvantages of Leaflet marketing

Leaflet is a sheet of paper usually printed in A4 or A5 size and folded into many pages to advertise, introduce, and propagate a certain product, service, or event. Leaflet also has similarities with posters and brochures because of the same advertising purpose. However, leaflet has a much more compact and convenient design. Leaflets often have information attached with illustrations to make it easier for viewers to follow. Leaflet is often displayed on business shelves or broadcast live by PG or PB at fairs or events.

What are the effects of leaflet?

According to research, 79% of people who receive a leaflet will read it just like a TV advertisement. Leaflet was created to attract customers’ attention. With extremely low costs, leaflets are produced in large quantities and distributed at many different points of the event. This is a form of planting product seeds into customers’ subconscious minds to make their products become of interest. the heart of every customer. In addition, Leaflet also helps

  • Notice:  Professionally designed Leaflet will show all information about products, services, and brands to customers. All information is arranged reasonably and attractively, including logos and brand names so that users can easily contact them when they want to use the service.
  • Persuading customers: Leaflet will help motivate customers to learn, get excited and learn about the brand’s products. This is considered a highly viable and promising advertising method. Leaflet can be broadcast live, serving as a support tool for agents in introducing products. This is a form of PR that promotes many effects at fairs, showrooms, etc.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Leaflet


    Depending on the budget, nature, and different campaigns, businesses will have appropriate marketing campaigns. Like other forms of marketing, leaflets have their own characteristics and are also effective when used properly. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of leaflet.

    Cost savings

    Distributing leaflets at events or door to door is a popular method for small businesses. Leaflet production costs are low, so it will solve the business’s entire cost problem. Leaflets can be designed easily, for free, but have high image quality, clarity, and are cheaper to print in large quantities.

    Full information

    Unlike Digital Marketing, leaflet has few character limits and regulations. Leaflet allows brands to provide full information about their business and products with a reasonable layout and does not make customers feel uncomfortable. .

    Eye-catching images

    Leaflet has eye-catching images that will attract customers’ attention. In addition, leaflet can be customized 2, 3, 4 times but still helps customers grasp the information you want to convey.

    Easy to read

    In designing flyers, marketers will only add important information necessary for customers. The text in the leaflet also needs to attract viewers so they need to be clear, use an easy-to-read font and the current recommended font is Arial.


    Considered unimportant

    Leaflets were randomly distributed in crowded places, and many people found them annoying. Therefore, unless the leaflet is eye-catching and provides the right product or service, the leaflet will often be discarded. Therefore, once again confirming that eye-catching leaflets will be the key to ensuring this form is effective.

    There are no long-term effects

    Leaflets actually lack long-term impact because users often read leaflets without retaining them. After reading the information they often throw it away. Even though they can become your customers, there is no factor for customers to remember your products and services. So you need to focus on customer care through other marketing methods.


    Marketing is an extremely important factor and the key to efforts to help bring revenue to businesses. Understanding what Leaflet is , you can see that in the age of the Internet and technological development, this is not necessarily an outdated advertising method. As long as businesses choose and use it properly, Leaflet will be an effective form of marketing.

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