What is kick off? Instructions for organizing a successful kick off meeting

 Although the concept is still quite new to many people, in the field of business, kick off plays an important role as a perfect starting step for a business’s development plan. This is an influential event with special investment and attention, because a successful kick off will quickly create a strong spillover to employees, partners, and customers, thereby contributing to promote growth and sustainable development. So what is a kick off meeting and how to implement a kick off meeting to achieve high efficiency? Please join us in immediately reviewing the process and some points to keep in mind when organizing a kick off meeting for businesses in the article below.

What is kick off?

Kick off is an English term, but perhaps few people know that this concept comes from the starting kick that decides the goal in the match of the American football team, and shows the spirit of cohesion and cooperation. harmony between members. In the business field, kick off meeting is defined as the starting stage for a project when people meet, cooperate and get to know each other or simply an opening ceremony.

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In short, the kick off meeting represents the start of a project when all parties officially confirm their commitment to cooperate and implement a specific plan. Besides, this is also a place to share common expectations from all participating parties for cooperative projects.

The purpose of kick off meeting in business

The goal of the kick-off meeting is to introduce the team, dig deep into the background of the project , thereby clearly understanding the benefits that will be achieved when the work is successful as well as identify the specific tasks that each person needs to perform. presently.

For groups with large members assigned responsibility for project implementation, kick off meetings are an opportunity to help them collect useful information, know what they need to do to achieve success, and express their passion. passion, understanding of the project and commitment to completing the task. Through this meeting, everyone also has the opportunity to convey confidence to teammates and show absolute confidence to customers that choosing them is absolutely correct.

Bạn Đang Xem: What is kick off? Instructions for organizing a successful kick off meeting

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A kick-off meeting at the beginning can establish the progress and remaining activities of the project. Therefore, if done properly, kick off meetings can significantly contribute to project success. However, if not organized well, this kick-off meeting can create risks to project success right from the start. 

The process of building a successful kick off meeting

It can be said that the kick-off meeting plays an important role in building the foundation for the project. Therefore, organizing a successful kick off meeting is an extremely important task that the company’s human resources department needs to consider carefully. So to ensure the success of your meeting, you need to follow these important steps:

1. Prepare before the kick off takes place

Careful preparation before holding a kick off meeting not only brings confidence to the chairperson but also gives other departments in the company time to review the proposed plan. Thanks to that, employees can identify points that need to be emphasized or issues that need to be adjusted and clarified in the project plan.

Furthermore, preparing complete and professional content before kick-off meetings will help everyone save time and increase productivity during the meeting. In summary, before the kick off meeting, you need to carefully learn the following contents:

– Introduction to the project.

– Objectives and scope of the project.

– Important progress.

– Quality standards.

– Project budget.

– Communication plan.

– Teams and stakeholders.

– Assess possible risks.

– Questions and answers between relevant stakeholders.

2. Start the kick off session 

To start an interesting project kick-off meeting and avoid boredom, you can design entertaining activities such as arts or light games. This helps create excitement and create a happy atmosphere, making the meeting take place in the most effective way.

Besides, set up general rules to follow to ensure the kick off meeting goes smoothly and without getting lost, while also limiting conflicts that may appear. In particular, the chairperson needs to ensure clarity about the goals of the kick off meeting, the main contents and issues that need to be discussed to guide all participants to grasp the tasks and comply with the plan. previously planned.

3. Lead the kick off session

If you take on the role of moderator of a kick off meeting, your job is to lead and guide to ensure that the meeting goes according to plan, while also solving problems to achieve the end result .

First, you should provide an overview of the project to participants, including goals, schedule, budget, and key areas the meeting will focus on. During this exchange, people can share their expectations and the level of support from all stakeholders. For example, what do they want the project to achieve? What specific content do they want to learn about? In this way, the meeting can promote interaction and raise awareness between parties.

4. Summary of the kick off session

Normally, the end of the kick off meeting will be a question and answer session to resolve any questions and clarify specific information. This is an indispensable part to ensure everyone is properly aware of the problem and avoid misunderstandings during project implementation and management .

Additionally, when the meeting ends, there should be a summary to highlight important information such as the action plan, who is responsible, and deadlines for each task. This summary is then shared with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone understands and executes their tasks as planned.

There are a few things to keep in mind when organizing a kick off that you should not ignore

It can be seen that the kick off meeting plays an important role in the success or failure of every project as well as the organization’s business process. However, to ensure that the kick off meeting achieves the best results, in addition to determining what the kick off meeting goal is, you need to pay attention to a few important notes below: 

1. Prepare small internal “kick off meetings” between groups

As a project management leader, you should not just stand on the outside and talk about work but need to conduct direct implementation to have a clearer view of the project. By approaching every aspect, you will be able to evaluate your capabilities and easily detect potential opportunities or risks and failures that may occur at any time in the future.

Launching an internal project marks the first step and is seen as an initial testing opportunity, helping you set up a program for official kick off meetings. The internal project kick-off meeting is considered an opportunity for you, as the project leader, to convey the most accurate information and ideas about the product to your teammates. In addition, participants in the project kick-off session will raise problems and handle information that customers do not clearly understand.

That being said, the ultimate goal of this project kick-off meeting is to help you and your teammates feel confident that they are capable of doing the work.

2. Choose a suitable time to hold the kick off meeting

You’ll probably need to hold several meetings before officially starting the project, including planning a kickoff event. However, the time to conduct a kick off meeting must be carefully selected and determined. 

As the entire project manager, you will certainly be the one who best understands the goals and meaning of the work you are doing, for that reason you need to choose the most appropriate time period to organize it. kick off meeting. Although the timing of the kick-off event can always change depending on the scale and complexity of the project, try to limit external factors that affect preparation to ensure that the kick off meeting will be held successfully and effectively.

3. Make a clear and detailed kick off meeting plan 

Organizing a project kick off meeting with your teammates is the most effective way for you to have a clear view of the process and final results of the project, thereby making the most of debate for discussions. directly with customers. However, it is important that you and your teammates must master information about the project such as products, processes, results, complete implementation plans, etc. This means that your knowledge must be enough to answer every question customers may have but at the same time ensuring accuracy and intelligence.

On the other hand, the team working with you needs to cooperate and develop a clear plan, thereby creating customer trust in the project. To do this, you need to plan a quality project kick-off meeting to work together, accompany and perfect your understanding of the product.

Depending on the characteristics of the project and business requirements, the program plan may change. An important factor that you need to keep in mind is to be creative and flexible to attract people’s attention, while ensuring detail and quality from the overall script framework to the content and real time. present as well as many other important aspects.

4. Don’t lead the kick off session too rigidly or lazily

Kick off meetings are often held to start the project positively and motivate all participating members. Therefore, avoiding boredom and fatigue during meetings is extremely important. To create a comfortable environment and encourage participation and sharing of opinions, you should create a friendly and fun space by incorporating many interesting interactive activities instead of focusing only on content. Content is too rigid.

Besides, the host can organize some interesting games during the kick off meeting to create excitement and connection between members, such as Quick meeting, Yes or no, Find treasure, Capture the flag,….

5. Flexibly adapt to arising situations

During the process of organizing a kick off session, improvisation and flexibility to face all situations is an important factor that needs to be given top priority. There are many situations that you need to consider and be ready to address such as risks related to equipment, internal security management, weather conditions (if the kick off event takes place outdoors) or even the Unexpected appearance of “uninvited guests”….

In some cases, partners may ask unexpected questions that are not part of the prepared script. If faced with such a situation, it is important to demonstrate professionalism and calmness. You can improvise flexibly by answering right during the presentation to create persuasion or answering after the presentation ends to ensure accurate and carefully thought-out answers.

In general, being flexible to improvise in all situations is an indispensable factor when organizing a kick off meeting for a project. Because this will help you be more confident when presenting, and reduce anxiety when facing unexpected challenges.

So through the article that Elteblog shared, you surely understand what a kick off meeting is as well as the construction process and points to note to organize a kick off event effectively. Although the kickoff meeting does not produce immediate, tangible financial benefits, it provides value by fostering the excitement and passion of participants. Besides, when members better understand their goals and essential roles in the project, they will easily complete their assigned tasks, thereby bringing great revenue and profits to the company. ty.

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