What is IMC Marketing? What are the characteristics of IMC Marketing?

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 Today, IMC plays an important role in researching, understanding needs and communicating to target customers for businesses. If you do not clearly understand what IMC Marketing is, let’s learn more with Eliteblog.org in the article below.

What is IMC Marketing?

In essence, what is IMC Marketing IMC is the acronym for Integrated Marketing Communications, meaning integrated marketing communications. This is the connection between many communication tools to convey the right message to customers. IMC needs to convey the 4Ps of basic Marketing to fully meet customer needs. IMC includes 5 typical tools:

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  • Sale promotion (Promotion)
  • Direct Marketing (Direct Marketing)
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations ( Public Relations )
  • Personal Selling

What customers receive when holding the product is: packaging, price, packaging, display at the point of sale, etc. At this time, IMC needs to make efforts to make an impression and gain a foothold in the minds of customers. row.

Characteristics of IMC Marketing

What are the outstanding advantages and disadvantages of IMC Marketing ?


  • Appear everywhere: Normally, integrated marketing communication campaigns will be covered on many media. However, there are campaigns that are not popular with customers, but appear often enough to make consumers remember them.
  • Building relationships with customers: IMC is considered a marketing method based on the customer’s perspective. Therefore, when implementing IMC Marketing campaigns, brands will always put their hope in building relationships with customers. 
  • Save costs and achieve high efficiency: Brands using one message to communicate in many forms not only saves costs but also helps customers remember your business more. Making the most of free and available resources will help you optimize costs.
  • Building customer trust and loyalty: When a brand’s message is repeated enough times, readers and listeners will have faith in it. This contributes to building trust and loyalty from customers.
  • Enhance brand awareness: By combining multiple communication activities on multiple platforms, targeting potential customers with the same message will impress viewers with that message. From there, IMC Marketing helps businesses improve brand awareness in the minds of customers.

  • Defect

    • Information overload: Normally, IMC Marketing campaigns often convey a large amount of information, the source of information can come from many different departments. This leads to information overload. This is a situation that often occurs and is a reason why departments within the enterprise disagree with each other.
    • Limited ideas: Because this communication activity is based on the consumer and brand perspective, the creative team’s ideas are often overlooked. Therefore, businesses will easily miss out on good ideas and lose interest in participating in the campaign.
    • Difficulty in measuring ROI: ROI indicates the ratio of net profit to total investment costs. Calculating this index will help businesses measure the effectiveness of the IMC Marketing campaign. In fact, most businesses have difficulty measuring accurate ROI with already run media campaigns.
    • Disagreements between departments: The nature of IMC is a communication campaign with contributions from many related departments. This cooperation will easily lead to unnecessary disagreements. Therefore, departments should sit down to discuss and understand each other before each IMC Marketing campaign.
    • Not suitable for all businesses: For businesses that do not have enough resources, it will be difficult to implement an IMC Marketing campaign.

    What is the role of IMC Marketing?

    It can be said that IMC Marketing is a communication tool that can meet consumer needs with eye-catching images, attractive content and convey messages consistently.

    Brands need to intentionally combine marketing tools with the purpose of optimizing communication effectiveness. Besides, handling elements such as: title, seamless content, logo, title to create a brand image through IMC.

    Furthermore, IMC also helps businesses gain a competitive advantage over competitors in the market. This strategy contributes to affirming and enhancing product value, building customer trust in products, services and brands.


    Eliteblog has just shared with you the concept of IMC Marketing as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this method. Hope you will use it effectively in your marketing campaigns.

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