What is Creative? Distinguish between Creative Director and Art Director

 This article will clarify what creative is , what the job is like at each position and how to distinguish a Creative Director from an Art Director and especially what is the salary of a Creative?

What is Creative?

What is Creative ? Creative is the name of the creative department within an Agency company . The agency is responsible for advertising strategies that attract attention and sales promotion campaigns for client companies. In Vietnam, Agencies often combine the areas of Advertising – Communications – Events.

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What is the Creative role?

After learning about what creativity is, you probably have an idea of ​​what a creator does. This is a very important part of the business that makes a difference, attracts customers and brings profits to the growing company.

The Creative Team has the role of coming up with and developing ideas, images and words for dissemination including all communication tools such as: Advertising on television, radio, Point of sale and product packaging. .

What are the positions in Creative?

How many positions there are in an agency’s creative team depends on the size of the agency, its field of activity and client requirements. They work together to create the final creative product.

A small Creative Team may only consist of 1 Copywriter and 1 Art Director. Or it could include Executive Creative Director, Creative Director and Art Director… All the Directors sound similar. So what actually is each person’s job? How do they assign tasks in a Creative Team?

Executive Creative Director – Executive Creative Director

  • Explain to Management about the activities of the Creative department at global/national/regional levels depending on the size of the company and group.
  • Establish the overall spirit of the creative department
  • Usually requires 12-15 years of experience working in an Agency company

Creative Director Creative Director

  • Creative team management
  • Initiate ideas or motivate the team to come up with ideas, ensuring creativity and leading viewers’ thinking.
  • May include communicating with clients and introducing the company’s creative work to clients
  • Often promoted from the position of Art Director or Copywriter
  • Typically requires 7-12 years of experience

Art Director – Art Director

  • Ensure the Creative team produces and completes work on time, satisfying the Creative Director and customers
  • Create and develop ideas, decide on visual elements of the project such as: models, colors, general spirit, feeling brought to viewers…
  • Work closely with Copywriters as a small team to ensure ideas are concise and support advertising campaigns
  • Usually requires 5+ years of experience

What is Creative’s job?

Creative is a familiar term, so what does Creative do?

  • Advertisement
  • Digital and interactive
  • Direct marketing
  • Traditional marketing
  • The media
  • Sales Marketing
  • Print publishing

Distinguish between Creative Director (CD) and Art Director (AD) 

A CD’s job is more about “seeing” and “understanding” than “making” a specific product. Not only is he a person with many good ideas, CD also has to develop a team, ensuring quality and progress of work according to plan. CD is a person who has widespread influence throughout the creative department.

Promotion opportunities for Creative

Almost every business that wants to achieve business efficiency depends more or less on the creative department. Businesses are increasingly interested in recruiting human resources and focusing on making a difference in the eyes of customers. Besides, more and more media and advertising companies are opening up. Therefore, the recruitment demand of the Creative team is increasing.

If you want to pursue a creative job, you need to seriously learn, hone the necessary skills, and have the will to reach the position of Executive Creative Director – Creative Executive Director.

What is the salary of a Creative?

The salary of a Creative position depends on the position the person holds. For the position of creative director, the salary is extremely attractive, ranging from 90-120 million VND/month. As for art directors, the salary is about 1500 – 3000 USD/month (about 35-60 million/month). For the content creator position, the salary ranges from 8 – 15 million VND/month depending on the nature of the job.


Creative team supports each other as well as guides team members to ensure work efficiency that can satisfy the most demanding customers. The Creative team works closely, supporting the Strategy, Account and Production departments. In addition, Creative must always update new trends and technologies and find ways to build an inspiring working environment.

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