What is an outbound link? 5 benefits of Outbound linking you must know

If you are doing SEO, you probably know what an outbound link is ? But not everyone knows the importance of outbound links.

Outbound linking is also considered an effective backlink strategy . To reduce the website’s chances of being penalized.

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What is an outbound link?

Outbound link is a link pointing to another domain name from your own website. When linking to relevant, reputable domains.

It doesn’t just help search engines understand your industry. It also helps increase website quality. Plays a role in the SEO of your website.

Benefits of outbound links in SEO

You need to consider before you want to post a link to another website:

Link to relevant and reputable sites

Do not link to bad or unreliable websites. Because it will affect your website in the eyes of search engines.

Try to link to blogs in the same niche. This will attract targeted visitors to your website. Try to link to reputable, trustworthy websites with good domain name value.

Don’t link too much outside

Having external links is good, but not too many. It will annoy the reader.

Try to focus on internal links and only link to a few relevant websites. This is considered an effective SEO strategy .

It is important to ensure the content is useful and to take good care of the content on the page.

Provide or request links

Blogging is very beneficial for the website. Because everyone will receive useful information.

If you have a blog post that you reference another author’s post. You need to cite the source of the post content . This will improve the quality of content on the site and will allow you to request link exchanges with other bloggers.

This helps the poster and the person being referred to get a significant amount of traffic.

Avoid 2-way links

You need to avoid 2-way linking , when you link to any domain. Make sure it is not part of a link exchange.

The role of outbound links in Google’s PR formula

Even though Google says, it has eliminated PR in calculating website weights. But the section below will show the relationship between outbound links and PR .

Suppose you have a page A and you want to calculate that Page Rank

PR(A) = (1-D)+D(PRP1/0 + PRP2/0 + PRP2/0 + …+ PRPn/0)

“D” here is a basic factor to calculate PR. It relies on links from other websites. And usually it has a value of 0.85. PRP1 to PRPn is the Page Rank of all the platforms that link to your page.

“0” represents the number of outbound links of each page.

You can simply define it as follows:

Page rank of A = 0.15+0.85*(Value of PR after sharing for each page that these pages link to)

Now you can clearly see the relationship between Outbound links and PR. If the number of outbound links on pages linking to you is too large. It certainly doesn’t have much value.

Suppose, you have 2 options

  • 1 is to buy a link from a PR site 6 and the number of outbound links is 500
  • 2 is to buy a link from a PR site 3 and the number of outbound links <= 50

So you know what type of site you should choose to buy.

A few suggestions for creating outbound links

  • Link to pages that are valuable, relevant, and cover the topic well
  • Link to high authority articles or good domains
  • Link to articles with a high number of social shares.
  • Link to famous people in your field or within your connections.

You also need to pay attention to the “ bounce rate ” when using outbound links. Always create links that open in a new tab.

This article has helped you understand more about what an outbound link is ? As well as its influence in website SEO .

If you have any contributions. Please comment below.

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