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 You’ve probably heard of blogging, right? But if you ask a few people around what the specific definition of a blog is, you probably won’t get any exact answer. In this article we will explain what a blog is. You will also know what a blogger is, why you should create a blog, different types of blogs, how to start,…

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    So, what is a blog?

    A blog is a private information website or online diary, with the latest posts displayed at the top. Bloggers can be individuals or small groups, expressing their subjective views on a certain topic, writing about things they like .

    The definition of a blog (weblog) is jQust that, although over the years the line between website and blog has been blurred. You will understand more in detail later.

    What is a blog used for?

    People and companies use blogs for many different purposes. Here are some specific examples of blogging purposes:

    • You are passionate about a topic and want to share it with the community.
    • You are doing an academic project, for example on the effectiveness of sleep testing, and want to document this process.
    • You are running a business and need help to sell your products better, reach more customers by explaining the products further.
    • You want to turn your blog into a money-making tool.

    A blog, like a news website or a subscription site, has its own structure. Depending on the type of blog, the structure will be different, but there are still common standards that when you look at it, you will immediately know it is a blog. If you want to learn how to start a blog right away, check out this tutorial . Now, I will continue to explain about blogging and what the blog structure is!

    Blog structure

    The structure of the blog will have a title bar and menu. The home page contains all the latest articles. Sidebar is usually to add information about social networks, special articles or most viewed articles. The Footer will have information such as privacy policy, disclaimer and contact information. This structure will primarily aim to help visitors read the content.

    Blogs are typically built using content management platforms, like WordPress , Joomla , or free vendor blogging services like Google’s blogger. Blogger is quite simple to use but lacks some important features to be able to grow a larger blog, because it lacks flexible hosting services , which allow you to intervene more deeply in the source code. Additionally, like your website, you can buy your own domain name and connect it to a third-party hosting or blogging platform.

    What is blogging?

    Blogging is a skill of writing and running a blog, combining internet tools to help bloggers write, share and link easily. It has grown since 2000 when many bloggers writing about politics started. “How to” and tips blogs gradually emerged from there. The difference between journalism and blogging, the line between these two types, is increasingly blurring with each passing year.

    To better understand blogging, we need to know why it is so popular. Blogging exploded from the early days. What is the reason behind? Blogging evolved as a formal platform for news and information. Like newspapers before, thanks to convenience, blogging has grown extremely quickly. The first reason is that you can read blogs without spending any money. Blogs are updated regularly, and you can choose to follow each blog you like without having to skip each section like in a newspaper. The growth of blogging has become a new power. Blogging is more than a diary that everyone can read, so who is the blogger? Let’s continue to find out.

    Blogging there?

    A blogger is someone who runs a blog, sharing their vision with you online, either personally or business-wise. The topics the blogger chooses can range from art to politics. Many bloggers also become celebrities in their own niche. Some people consider it a side hustle, some blog full-time, and most choose blogging as a place to document their interests. Becoming a blogger has never been so fun and easy. Bloggers are also people who travel a lot and are not bound by geographical location when developing content.

    In fact, most bloggers blog everywhere. Anyway, the Internet is an open world, so are bloggers.

    Now you probably know what a blog is and who is the blogger, so let’s learn more about the history of blogging.

    History of blogs and blogging

    There is much debate about the date of birth, here we only choose the “official” date that was saved. The term “weblog” was created by Jorn Barger on December 17, 1997. The word “blog” appeared a few years later. Therefore, the precursor idea of ​​blogging existed 2 decades ago, with the development of the Internet, 2 decades will be almost hundreds of years. Blogging began to grow from the beginning of the 2nd millennium. The most typical example of the influence of blogging and blogging is the year 2002, an extremely important year because there were many new innovations, when blogging was still attractive. get a lot of controversy.

    This happened when Heather B. Armstrong created the blog site dooce.com. She was fired from the company for writing about her co-workers on her personal blog. It caused widespread controversy about Internet privacy. Heather now works full time at dooce.com so things turned out fine.

    The following year saw the introduction of WordPress, which completely changed blogging and creating a blog has never been easier. Blogging websites started to attract more and more attention. Blogs like ProBlogger.net and JohnChow.com that make money from third-party ads quickly showed the feasibility of a new industry surrounding blogging. Another notable thing at that time was when Google acquired blogger.com . Next, we will talk about the difference between a website and a blog

    Difference between blog and website

    You would think that a blog is the same as a website, right, but in fact, it is difficult to replace each other. It can be difficult to tell the difference, especially with some companies using both at the same time, but there are some key differences.

    A blog, as we defined it above, needs to be updated regularly. Furthermore, it is also important that blog design maximizes user interaction. This means letting other visitors express their opinions in comments, sharing articles, etc. Meanwhile, a website does not need to be updated regularly. When you visit a blog you will see that it is always changing, but on a regular website, everything remains the same.

    Besides the fact that a blog is updated regularly, another way to define it as a blog is based on the articles. Articles will usually have publication date, author, tags, categories. Of course, not all blogs need these elements, but websites never use them. That’s all, now you probably know what the difference is between a website and a blog.

    Difference between blog post and website

    What is the difference between a web page (Web page within a website) and a blog post? Static elements will be elements of a website, so are the pages within the website. Blog posts will be arranged in chronological order with the newest post on top. By default, the home page is the page containing blog posts, where you see the latest articles published. If you want to create a clean home page, with a navigation bar to navigate to each section, and elements you specify to appear on it, you need to create it as a web page.

    For example, an online store. You can have a static website with important information at the top, and a search bar to find products. Using blog posts is not good at all, right, because each new post will push older posts down and visitors will not see important information right away.

    So why is it necessary to blog? Let’s learn about this together

    Why do people blog?

    Although created by individuals who wanted to express their interests and share on the web, blogging has become a tool that has transcended its original definition. The company uses a blog to ensure customers are regularly updated as an official news channel. The more people visit your company blog, the more trustworthy your brand will be and its awareness will increase.

    Engagement is an important part of a successful blog, everyone can interact with your company and brand, this is definitely a positive thing right? Furthermore, a lot of people blog to make money. They share their thoughts and perceptions about an online topic and make money from it at the same time, isn’t that great?

    The way to create a blog that makes money is to use third-party advertising. You place ads (usually banners) on your website so that visitors see the ad, and when they click on it, it brings you a little income. Obviously, if it’s your main business, then people reading about your product are potential customers.

    Do bloggers make money from their blogs

    As we mentioned above, the short answer is “Yes”! For example, according to Forbes , the top 10 blogs earn between $175,000 and $14,000,000 in a month. A very big number, isn’t it! Of course, these are blogs that have been sustainably developed and have a large loyal readership, with a large number of experienced staff. So, if you start a blog from here, you may not make that much money, but it’s still enough to live on!


    Phew!! Too much information for just one blog word, right? Let us recap!

    A blog is an online space that helps you share your opinions and views about something about everyday life. You can grow your audience and make money, or increase awareness of a certain product, if you think people need to know about it.

    Blogging can be just a hobby, but it can also develop into a living profession. It would be difficult to imagine what the world would be like without blogs, because most people love to read, to experience interesting things happening around the world in every aspect, right?

    In addition, if you have a company or are doing business, you should not ignore the great potential of blogging, an extremely effective marketing and customer interaction tool.

    We hope this article is interesting for you to know what a blog is, and have a general overview of blogging. We would be happy to have you share your blog if you have one, please leave a comment, we will become your readers soon.

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