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 Customer interaction and content marketing strategy in the financial sector are two important factors in building a company’s image because of the sensitivity and complexity of financial products. Financial services companies are often skeptical of consumers, so building trust and credibility is extremely necessary.

Financial marketing content is flooded across all media channels, and there are hardly any surprises. Customers today rarely make transactions at the counter, instead using banking applications and e-wallets. They go online to look for information and financial advice to make investment decisions instead of calling a consultant directly. There are more and more searches for financial information such as: Financial planning, best credit cards, banks with lowest interest rates… 

It can be said that users are evaluating a brand’s website and online resources to make financial decisions even before contacting an advisor . User preferences change every day, requiring companies to learn and respond to them anytime, anywhere.  


Orienting content marketing in the financial sector 

Content marketing can help financial companies become consultants who understand customer needs, not just a company selling products and services. Through useful, relevant information and detailed information about products and services, financial companies will help users make their own investment decisions and make them feel confident in their decisions. mine.  

Banks can write blogs sharing the opinions of investment experts or even create Youtube channels/podcasts with experts participating to give more reputable advice. Besides, creating interactive content with customers will make the company’s image more prominent and different from its competitors .  

Financial companies can also share useful information through file downloads such as the Personal Financial Investment and Management Handbook, or a free worksheet file for financial planning and goals. . Providing useful financial information for free is a sound and long-term strategy to build customer trust and loyalty. Through this, financial companies can also implicitly assert themselves as a reputable and reliable source of information for customers in particular and in this field in general. 

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